Adult Ministry

Deepen your faith and relationships with other people.

Bible-based classes are available each week to help you in your personal growth. Discipleship, going deeper with your faith, will breathe life into your journey with Jesus.

Study Opportunities

Life Groups


We believe that our faith grows when we pursue Christ together. Connect to God and to one another in a life group. Opportunities to connect with other couples, grow spiritually, and give back come about through life groups seasonally. If you would like to know more connect with us here.

Sunday mornings @ 9am

Beginning February 7th we will start a block of classes that will run 12 weeks. Please review the upcoming classes and sign up! 


Teacher: Doug Melton

Acts of the Apostles: Before Jesus ascended back into Heaven, He said “Go and make disciples of all nations.” The book of Acts is about the first group of Christians who did just that.  It’s about the beginnings of the early church and all the challenges that the first Christians faced. Jesus’s instruction is still applicable to Christians today & the book of Acts shows that we face many of the same challenges as the early church. Please join us for encouraging and challenging discussions about living out our faith in a world that needs to know Jesus. 

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Teacher: Kurt Huntley

1 John: How do we know, that we know, that we KNOW we are saved?

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Sunday mornings @ 10:30am


Teacher: Rick Rowe

Hebrews: Hebrews speaks to the Preeminence of Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ is superior to and preeminent over everyone and everything.

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Teacher: Tony Kemper

That’s for Sure! Each day, we face uncertainties and changes that challenge our balance, confidence, and direction.  We will discuss trustworthy elements of the Christian faith which we can count on 100% of the time to provide security, peace, and inspiration.

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Teacher: Mike Hartman

Modern Day Israel:Are the Jews still God’s people? Does modern day Israel show us the fingerprints of God?

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Tuesday evenings @ 7:00pm


Teacher: Gwen Hartman

Women, Room 401

Wednesday evenings @ 6:30pm


Teacher: Sherry Rowe

All, Griefshare Workshop Room 403 More Info  

Wednesday evenings @ 7:00pm


Teacher: Doug Melton & Jeff Ehringer

Men, Room 405/GYM