Sunday Nights 6-8 PM at Chris and Corie Cowsert’s house.
Cribs is a home group setting for 9th-12th grade students. Cribs is designed to make a comfortable setting for students to be able to study different topics from the Bible. Depending on the topic we break up into groups based on gender or age. Cribs meets year round.

The Core

Sunday Mornings 10-11am at GCC.
The Core is what we call our Sunday morning classes. During this time we break up into middle and high school aged classes. These classes are topic driven and age-appropriate The middle school class is taught by Grant Herrington and the high school class is taught by Ben Cooper.


Sunday Mornings from 11:15-12:30 in The Warehouse.
Fuel is a life groups setting designed to make your middle school student feel comfortable to study different topics from the Bible. Fuel meets year round.



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